Oct 25, 2010

what i did last saturday: membatik

last saturday, i went to Museum Tekstil, located in Jl. KS Tubun no 2-4 Jakarta Barat
batik is a indonesian fabric, every province has different charasteric

i took a day batik course, here canting, a tool to write malam at the fabric.
after we sketch the fabric, we write it with malam
then color the fabric with cloth coloring, then boiled it a while
tralala...dry it..it's simple batik procedure, you can do complicated one, but you need more than a day course

one of work
others amazing and beautiful batik

in museum, i found a batik process by a japanese women, Yumiko Katso, it's so awesome

it's hard firstly to write malam at the fabric..more practice and patience required ^^, seriously

love batik

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